Friday, January 19, 2007

More webinars live...

3 more webinars are now on-line. Whilst the first three focused on functionality, these three focus on real world applications:

The first focuses on implementing case/support satisfaction surveys, the second on how to use Clicktools to manage event invites and other campaigns to automatically update campaign member status records and thirdly, we look at how you can use Clicktools to manage the email opt-out field in Salesforce.

Each webinar includes details of any Salesforce customizations, the forms/surveys required and how they can be deployed.

Have fun.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Clicktools gets incubated!

I am very pleased to announce that Clicktools will be taking one of the "cubes" within the Incubator in San Mateo. This will become the base for our US operations.

More details to follow on the web site and here but you can read the Salesforce press release here:,44900.shtml

Thursday, January 11, 2007

More webinars on-line...

I am pleased to say that we now have another couple of webinars available.

The first covers passing information from Salesforce in to forms and surveys, the second how you set up mappings to transfer information from completed forms and surveys back in to Salesforce.

Both take about five minutes so go grab that coffee...

More will be on-line very soon to cover both learning how to use Clicktools for AppExchange as well as real-worl examples.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Auto-sync is live!

You've been asking for it and it's here - All Clicktools for AppExchange customers now have the ability to define automatic synchronization to Salesforce.

Uniquely, this contains the ability to:

  1. Select either manual and automatic synchronization
    - Different types of forms will require different settings, stay-in-touch for example may be best left as Manual so you can review findings before synching back in to Salesforce)
  2. Use different users for different survey synchronizations
    - This was specifically asked for by you and means that you can more closely track updates in Salesforce to individuals not just one id. Of course, you can use the same credentials for all synchronization if required.
  3. Fix forms/surveys with errors and re-synch
    - Any forms that do not successfully synchronize are placed in the manual queue so you can examine exact errors and fix or delete as required.

This is something we only used to offer as a custom service but it's now part of the standard subscription. Forgive me for blowing our own trumpet but again, I think ths raises the bar on form/survey integration with Salesforce.

You can see more by looking at the following webinar

There will be more exciting functionality coming soon so keep an eye on the blog.