Friday, February 16, 2007

Clicktools get wizzy!

We have today launched our latest addition to Clicktools for AppExchange - the Form Wizard.

The Form Wizard uses a simple concept to simplify the process of building, deploying forms, surveys and landing pages that are fully integrated with Salesforce.

You basically select the fields you want and, hey presto, the form is built for you. You can build forms to create/update multiple objects (e.g. Accounts AND a Contact AND an Opportunity) and a form can be presented according to ANY brand guidelines.

The Form Wizard provides several benefits:

  • No html skills required
  • No need to wait for Web/IT teams to host your form

You can build and deploy a form in minutes. We think it's a leap forwards in the functionality available to Salesforce users.

Here are a couple of webinars to get you excited:

Introduction to Form Wizard

Advanced Form Wizard webinar

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