Monday, November 13, 2006

Integration with IVR.

A great example of three-way on-demand integration is Clicktools integration with Angel provides an on-demand IVR tool and we have built an integration that transfers results directly from IVR phone based surveys in to Clicktools which can then, obviously, go in to Salesforce (any object!).

The basic use case is:

  1. Customer calls Support Desk
  2. Call center agent uses Salesforce to respond to call
  3. At end of call, Agent re-directs caller to to take survey
  4. collects survey response and passes to Clicktools
  5. Clicktools can be used for real-time analysis and transfer back in to Salesforce.

At the same time, an email survey could be sent to cases closed through that channel. Responses to both the email and IVR survey can be collected in the same survey in Clicktools - hey presto, a seamless, real-time multi-channel feedback environment enabling you to compare and contrast support levels across different channels.

To have a look at the demo:

  1. Click and login to the demo Clicktools account with the email and the password 'angelivr'
  2. Call 866-248-8135 and answer the short four question survey by saying the numbers or pressing digits on your phone. Leave a comment too.
  3. In Clicktools, Click the + then 'Results' link in Clicktools to see your result appear before your eyes. This includes storing a link to the comment which you can cut and paste in to another browser window to hear.

This is all seamless and all in real-time, integrating three enterprise strength software tools in minutes. You gotta LOVE on demand software!


Anonymous said...

We have used for almost 2 years. Generally the system has worked for us as we only use their touch tone sites. Their voice enabled sites simply do not work. The computer rarely understands what our clients are saying and we received many complaints. Their price is very high is you have any volume of calls. They own all of the toll free numbers and switching is impossible because we would be required to get a new toll free number and pay for a national marketing campaign to get the new number out. The WORST!!!!!!!!! part of is their customer service. Today our account was "suspended" for non-payment. After verifying online that our credit card information was accurate (a NO-LIMIT American Express Card!) their system cannot process the payment, and Amex verified to us that no payment has been attempted. After calling all day and leaving many many messages and emails we have recevied no call back, no one from their company has answered the phone and our national toll free number has been down all day. We still have no phone service and our customers are sending emails complaining and is not answering in any department or email. If you ever have a problem with this company you will be on your own!!!

ARJUN said...
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