Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Using Vertical Response to send Clicktools surveys...

Many of our customers use Vertical Response to send emails from Salesforce. And, finally, I have got round to documenting how to use the two tools together!

It's actually quite simple and involves two changes in your email template:

There are two important rules to be aware of:

  1. Use 'nr_' in front of the 'http' in any Clicktools survey link.
    Any link to a Clicktools survey should begin "nr_http://...". This simply switches off the redirect from within VR and enables the merge field values to work correctly. This only stops tracking on the Clicktools link not the rest of your tracking (e.g. opens, bounces, etc.).
  2. Use VR merge field values.
    Most importanty, to pass any value you must use the corresponding VR merge field value. Importantly, to pass across the ID of a Contact or Lead you must use the special VR value of '{salesforce_id}'. So, for example, a standard Salesforce template would have &q1={Contact.ID} at the end to pass across the Contact ID. In Vertical Response this would read &q1={salesforce_id}.

Remember: These merge fields will not work in any 'test' messages that are sent!

Note: If you are using Clicktools surveys to update campaign records then you would use the special merge value for the campaign member status record which is {sf_campaign_member_id}. Unfortunately, I don't think any other IDs (e.g. Account) can be included.

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