Monday, April 09, 2007

When responses don't auto-synch...

Sometimes, it's possible that form/survey responses don't auto-synch. Unfortunately, it's really not possible to guarantee 100% auto-synchronization 100% of the time. The main reasons for this, in order from most to least likely, are:

1. The mapping is incorrect or some information is missing. Try the manual synch to see what is causing the error.
2. The person does not complete the survey and does not press the submit button. When this happens the response will sit in the manual queue waiting for completion or you to manually synchronize.
3. None of the information that is required for synchronization is completed. Note - If this happens then the survey is 'tagged' as being synched and will not be placed in the manual queue.
4. The credentials (username and password) against the survey instance are incorrect (or have changed - this is common when, for example, a password is changed).
5. You have exceeded the maximum number of API calls your organisation is allowed to make during one day.
6. The Salesforce API is not available and we cannot 'activate' a session (i.e. login) to automatically synch.
7. You have exceeded your Clicktools licensed responses and so responses are not available for auto-synching.

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Stephen said...

It appears that if a link leaves off the passed Contact ID and/or Account ID (or if these are "damaged" links (i.e., the mail software truncates the link), these items will sit in queue. Any ideas/suggestions on how to modify this data so that it can be imported into